A Chrome Extension that's better than Tweetbot for macOS

My journey from a Macbook Pro to a Pixelbook has been filled with happy surprises. One of them is how much better Twitter is on a Pixelbook. 

On the MacBook Pro, adding a couple dozen Chrome extensions would cripple browser and system performance. But the biggest benefit of the Pixelbook is that I can add extensions with impunity -- no performance hit. 

As a result, I've actually transformed how I use Twitter by simultaneously running a large number of Twitter-focused Chrome extensions. These extensions show me Twitter search results in my Google search results. I can instantly tweet the current site I'm looking at. I can switch Twitter accounts with the push of a button. I can capture screenshots of tweets to share with the push of a button. My browser-based Twitter feed auto-refreshes. I can see all the Twitter accounts associated with any website with the push of a button. I can hide images, videos, promoted or liked tweets on the Twitter timeline. And a whole bunch of other things. 

Here are the Twitter extensions available for Chrome

But the best and most surprising new capability comes from a Chrome extension called Notifier for Twitter

Before I give you the facts about Notifier, first let me tell you how I use Twitter. 

I have my normal Twitter account, which is @MikeElgan, and I use it in all the normal ways one uses Twitter. 

I have a second account, called @TheNewNewNews, which I use both as a place to post breaking news and as a news-only stream to follow. All the accounts I follow on this second account, in other words, are great sources of news and information that keeps me informed. I've been curating this list of news Twitter accounts for nearly a decade. 

On the Macbook Pro, I used the Tweetbot application to keep a live, self-updating stream from my news Twitter account. I basically keep the stream as a skinny, tall column on either the right or left of my main browser window. 

Giving up Tweetbot was one of the major hesitations I had about switching to the Pixelbook. 

Today, however, I discovered Notifier for Twitter. In terms of the self-updating stream, Notifier works better than Tweetbot for macOS. 

I have it set in default mode to show new tweets on my news account as regular Chromebook notifications. That enables me to have Chrome full-screen. By clicking on the mini icon in the browser, I get the fuller look at the stream. And by detaching that stream and placing it to one side or the other of my browser window, I get the Tweetbot-like self-updating stream. 

When I click on a link in from my @TheNewNewNews account, it opens in the Chrome browser where I'm logged in to Twitter with my @MikeElgan account, and I can interact with the information using that account. 

It's the perfect way to use Twitter. 

If you use Chrome and Twitter, I highly recommend Notifier for Twitter. And if you love Chrome Extensions like I do, I highly recommend the Pixelbook. 

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