After slamming Trump's lies, Slate Political Gabfest itself lies


I'm so disappointed in one of my favorite podcasts, the Slate Political Gabfest

On the July 26 episode, Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson and David Plotz spent a dozen or so minutes pondering the problem of President Trump's constant and shameless lying, including about easily provable facts and about things we all witness with our own eyes and ears. What's a journalist to do about all that lying? So brazen. So corrosive. 

And then they lied. 

Specifically, David Plotz, reading an ad for Brooklinen, said, in part: "Brooklinen has an exclusive offer just for Gabfest listeners. You get $20 off and free shipping when you use promo code gabfest... The only way to get $20 off and free shipping is to use promo code gabfest"...

This is a lie. The offer is not exclusive. Many podcasts and other media also offer the exact same deal. 

These facts are easily discovered with a simple Google Search

Slate Political Gabfest, please stop lying in your ads. And if you don't stop lying, please stop acting incredulous about how the president could so easily lie.