American Asians are crazier and richer than Singaporeans


After watching the popular romantic comedy “Crazy Rich Asians,” moviegoers could be forgiven for assuming that Singaporeans are “crazy rich,” whereas Asian Americans are relatively poor bumpkins.

I’ve seen a similar idea expressed on YouTube comedy videos like this one that compares Chinese Americans as being typically super rich, compared with Chinese-Americans, who are portrayed basically as lower middle class.

Of course, this is all comedy, and funny, too. And nobody is explicitly making this comparison. But it feels like there’s a concerted effort afoot to create a general impression that Asian Asians are rolling in dough, while Asian Americans are poor.

But this just isn’t true.

The truth is that Singaporean Asians are quite wealthy by global standards, with a median household income of $32,360. (The global average is $10,000.)

The median household income for residents of Hong Kong — by far, the richest group of Chinese people — is even higher: $35,443.

But the median household income of Asian Americans is far more than Singapore and Hong Kong combined, at $80,720.

Despite the weird new stereotype that’s emerging, the truth is that Asians who are Americans are by far the richest Asians in the world. And, as Americans, probably the craziest, too.