Crisis averted. Elf pig found.


My baby grandaughter, Princess Squishyface (objectively the most adorable creature to ever exist in the universe or all possible universes), came into the kitchen where I was doing dishes to ask where Elf Pig was.

“Elf Pig” is her name for a Christmas toy, officially known as the “Hog Wild Holiday Elf Popper,“ which shoots a plastic ball out of its mouth when you squeeze it.

As she is with all her dolls and fuzzy animals, assorted animal-themed lawn ornaments and even pictures of animals, P.S. is very nurturing with Elf Pig. She carries it around like an infant, tucks it in at night and includes it in her various recreational activities (like swim class).

Anyway, as I was walking back to her house (my son Kevin’s house in Silicon Valley) after working at Peet’s all day, I encountered Squishyface, Elf Pig and my wife, Amira, on the sidewalk coming in the other direction.

After playing around a bit, we sat on the curb and watched some older kids play basketball. P.S. propped Elf Pig on the curb so it could watch, too.

After a while, we ran home, with my granddaughter and I racing and she winning every time. We hung out for the rest of the evening, had dinner and then it was bath time. That’s when Princess S. asked me about the whereabouts of Elf Pig. We all searched the house without success. Then it occured: Maybe we left it on the sidewalk….

Kevin gave me a flashlight. I went back to the curb where we watched the basketball. And behold: There was Elf Pig still facing the driveway basketball court, holding silent vigil.

I was inspired to take a picture with my Pixel 3’s “Night Sight” mode (this is why I got a Pixel 3). Elf Pig and I returned. Mr. Pig joined the bath. And all was well again. Crisis averted.