Dumb flaw in Google Photos means you can't watch a slideshow on iPad

Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 12.10.36 PM.png
IMG_0755 - Edited.jpg

I just want to see a slideshow on iPad. But this weird flaw won’t let me do it.

Two flaws, really. The first flaw is that for reasons unknown, the iPad app has no slideshow feature.

Fine. The web version does, so if I have an internet connection I can do a slideshow in Chrome or Safari. But no.

For some reason, the profile picture icon actually covers the options menu that contains the slideshow option. So you can’t open the menu.

The top screenshot in this post shows the menu options as it appears with a desktop browser on the top right of the view inside a folder, which contains the vertical dots options menu and the profile picture all the way to the right, out of harm’s way.

The next shot shows the same view in a browser on iPad.

The third shot is a closeup showing the options menu poking out from behind the profile pic.

WTF, Google?