Even Google employees don't know who runs Google

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Google’s specialty these days seems to be confusing everybody. Their communications strategy is muddled. The most active users hesitate to embrace Google products because they fear the company will add those products to the long list of terminated Google properties.

Google confused everybody by renaming Google “Alphabet,” then naming one of the companies under the Alphabet umbrella “Google.”

Sundar Pichai is the official CEO of Google. But Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are assumed to run Alphabet.

So who’s in charge? Even Google employees don’t know. A new survey asked them, and they were divided on who’s in charge.

Around 59 percent say Sundar Pichai is in charge, while 41. percent say Larry Page and Sergey Brin are running things.

Among the “tech” employees, the responses were closer to 50-50.

You know there’s a leadership crisis when employees don’t even know who’s running the company.