Get a third opinion on every Google Search

When you search Google, the search results are crowdsourced, with all the benefits and risks crowdsourcing entails for the reliability of information. 

Google usually adds a Wikipedia entry in the sidebar, giving you a second opinion on the results, but another crowdsourced one. 

A new Chrome extension from the Encyclopedia Britannica gives you an old-school, non-crowdsourced third opinion on every search result. 

Called Britannica Insights, the extension appears on the right of results, just above the Wikipedia card, given you a summary with a link to the full Encyclopedia Britannica article.

Sadly, the Britannica Insights results appear only if you launch your search from the home page. (Who does that anymore? Doesn't everybody search from the URL address bar?)

Anyway, it's a great new Chrome extension and another example of how Chrome users using the best extensions have access to a superior Super Internet.