Google+ and the last HIRL


Google+ dies April 2, 2019 — one week from tomorrow. You loved it or you hated it. Either way, G+ was the only social network that I’m aware of where lots of people connected there, and then actually connected in real life (such connections affectionately referred to on G+ as a HIRL — Hangout In Real Life).

I believe Google+ really died in 2014, and articulated the fact in my Eulogy published by Fast Company.

In the glory days of Google+, between 2011 and 2014, rabid Google+ fans held numerous HIRLs, and made countless connections. Real connections.

Over the weekend, I enjoyed my last HIRL with Manuel Arciniega, a longtime Google+ friend who lives in Mexico and who invited me and Amira to spend the weekend with him and his family. We did a bunch of fun foodie stuff in the area around Cuernavaca, where he lives, and got to know his family.

We briefly lamented the loss of the world’s greatest social network (over delicious tacos made by Manuel’s wife, Mariana), which most people never appreciated or understood. But for those of us who did grok Plus, we recognize that G+ gave us all numerous world-wide, real-life and lasting friends.