Google is blowing it with their users, and here's proof

When Google killed Inbox (after getting its most passionate users to adopt, use and rely up on it), I wrote this column warning Google about the perils of constantly launching new products, getting its passionate users excited about them, then killing them off.

Since then, Google announced the closure of Google+, the social network shunned by many but adored by Google’s most passionate users.

This week, Google announced a really cool new product called Squoosh for easily shrinking and converting images to optimize them for the internet. I posted about it here, and also (since there are still Google-product fans on Google+, and posted about it there as well.

Oh, man. The comments! Here’s a sample:

“Scheduled to be sundowned sometime in 2019.”

“Let's assume it has been shut down and move on...”

“What's the "sunset" date on it?”

“Don't get attached. it'll get shut down in the near future anyway. i'm tired of being googles test dummy beta tester of features.”

“I don't want another "sudden closed" Google service.”

“Beware becoming dependent upon any tool from Google. Just sayin'.”

“I find it VERY difficult to trust them with a new software service. (How many Messengers do they have? How many have been pulled?) G+ being the latest causality.”

Wow. Again, this is on Google+, where the Google superfans are. A few other comments complained about this tool because it wasn’t integrated into Google Photos.

Google has become so notorious for closing services that someone made a Google Cemetery to keep track of all the closed services.

In my column, I warned that Google was at risk of alienating its most passionate users. I’d say that alienation is now complete. An exciting new and free product is met by former Google fans with sarcasm and an unwillingness to even try it.

Way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, Google.

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