How I decide what I post on Twitter and what I post on my blog

I ate this tamale yesterday at a food market in Tepoztlán, Mexico. And because I experienced it, I’m posting it on my blog. (My wife bought a few more, and we ate them for dinner after arriving back in Mexico City.)

That’s my new criteria — on Twitter I post other people’s news or opinion articles, experiences, witticisms and snark, as well as any small comment I might have about them.

On my blog I post my own Big Ideas, my own journalism, my own experiences and my own opinions.

Of course, everything I post on my blog is auto-posted to Twitter as well. But it’s a nice framework that works for me and prevents me from having to agonize over where to post. And the end result is that my blog is what a blog should be: The unedited expression of a single person. (I’m married, but you know what I mean.)

In other words, I use possession to decide: Is it my information or somebody else’s?

What’s YOUR criteria for what you post on social and what you post on your blog?