​How I replaced Facebook with "Nicebook"


I’ve used social since the late Pleistocene, and for a variety of purposes. I use social networks to:

1. Promote my work

2. Crowdsource ideas

3. Interact with readers about my work

4. Lifelog

5. Start and engage in interesting conversations

6. Share photography

7. Keep in touch with family and friends

I use my blog ( https://elgan.com ) and my Twitter account ( https://twitter.com/MikeElgan ) for purposes 1 through 6.

For purpose 7 — keeping in touch with family and friends — I’ve been using Facebook.

Because Facebook is such a toxic blight on humanity, I’ve decided that for me — based on everything I know about Facebook — that it’s unethical to support them with my participation. So on July 4, 2019, I’m deleting Facebook forever, along with the Facebook-owned properties Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.  

This keeping in touch business on Facebook is really just sharing pictures, with a little commentary and an occasional link or two. Then looking at my “News Feed” to see the posts my family and friends have posted.

It’s a trivial chore, but one Facebook has convinced us that can only take place on Facebook.

That exact same function can take place via Google Photos, and easier and with higher quality. 

Just like Facebook, you can set or not set notifications to alert you. And instead of a “News Feed,” you just check Google Photos’ “Sharing” tab.

I’m replacing Facebook with a single shared folder in Google Photos I’m calling “Nicebook” — it’s all the nice features of Facebook, without the exploitative, racist, disinformation, censoring, advertising and other not-so-nice features of Facebook.

Here’s my Nicebook: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UhHg6Qs5Jj4dGp958

The photos are much bigger and higher quality. And it’s far, far easier to post. I just share any photo in Google Photos to my Nicebook album, and everybody can see it in their “Sharing” folder. I can comment. My family and friends can comment. 

To be clear: Your Sharing folder in Google Photos replaces Facebook. It’s there where you can see who joined your Nicebook, who commented, and also to see the Nicebooks of other people you have signed up to see.

You don’t have to even have a Google account to see posts. They’re available to anyone you share them with. Google Photos gives you a link, which anyone can see.

You can choose to allow other people to post to your Nicebook, or not. If people are rude, you can delete their comments and/or block them.

Everybody’s on Facebook because Facebook has more than 2 billion users — a number that’s likely to include almost everyone you know.

My Nicebook can be shared with 7.53 billion.

Everyone who is on Facebook is on Nicebook, and literally everyone online who is not on Facebook is also on Nicebook.

If you switch from Facebook to Nicebook, you, too can be on a vastly larger social network, and without contributing to the damage the Facebook does to individuals, societies, nations and the world.

Let’s try this!