How to Control Facebook (Instead Letting Facebook Control You)


If you follow my writing and social media streams, you know I'm constantly complaining about Facebook.

The conventional wisdom is that while Facebook has a monopoly on everybody (which is to say that the only reason everybody is on Facebook is because everybody is on Facebook), your only option is to use it and let it damage your life -- or delete your account. 

But there's another way. Instead of being used by Facebook to make Mark Zuckerberg even richer, instead use Facebook for your own purposes (in my case keeping in touch with loved ones who only use Facebook and also promoting my work). 

A Chrome extension called F.B. Purity gives you a vast number of check boxes that turn specific features on or off, or block certain kinds of content. I can't think of any aspect of Facebook this extension doesn't let you control. 

At minimum, I recommend using F.B. Purity to turn off ads, spam and memes. 

You can also get rid of both the left and right columns (or any individual item in those columns). 

Don't delete Facebook. Instead, take total control of it. 

This is definitely going on The List.