How to make Twitter auto-refresh


Citing technical and business constraints," Twitter announced today in a blog post that it would "stop supporting... Twitter for Apple Watch and Twitter for Mac" and end support for "some outdated developer tools" (i.e. tools that Twitter doesn't want to support anymore.)

As a result, according to the post, "instead of Tweets automatically streaming in like they once did in some third-party apps, you might need to pull to refresh like you do in Twitter-owned apps and sites."

So on the normal internet, auto-refreshing Twitter is officially dead. 

Of course, on the Super Internet, the rules don't apply. 

A free Chrome extension called Refresh for Twitter auto-refreshes regular web Twitter for you, just like third-party clients like TweetDeck used to. 

I'm adding this to my list of best Chrome Extensions

Are there other Twitter feed refresher extensions you recommend?