How to taste this earthshaking "amber" wine


I just tasted the most astonishing wine. 

Dry and caramely, it reminded me of the best whisky I’ve ever tried. It's so rare to taste a wine that's not only conspicuously excellent, but completely different. 

It was made by one of the world's greatest and most visionary winemakers. She calls it an "amber" wine. 

Her wines are not exported outside of Italy. You can only find them here in the Prosecco Hills. She only made 600 bottles of this "amber" wine. 

Her white wines are incredible. Her reds are divine. And her Prosecco -- forget about it. It tastes unlike any Prosecco you've ever encountered.

Our Prosecco Experience group will taste this amazing "amber" wine, and several others. With the winemaker. In her home. On top of a hill of her vineyards overlooking a valley of incomparable beauty. 

There is only one way to get to know this brilliant winemaker and try this exclusive wine: With us! Only one couple spot left for our Prosecco Experience!

Don't miss this!