I love cheesy gadgets

Screenshot 2018-09-02 at 11.02.08 AM-01.jpeg

Finally -- mobile devices based on popular dairy products! The SunMade Cheese solar charging kit comes with a a solar charging pad called the Cheese Plate. On one side is a solar panel. Turn it over, and it becomes a tray to hold the rest of the gadgets. An outlet called the USBrie looks like a wedge of brie cheese. You plug into that a 2900mAh battery power bank called the Solar Milk, which looks like a bottle of milk. And, of course, there's a Bluetooth speaker that looks like a block of Swiss cheese. A Cacio Kindler is a lighter that looks like Italian cheese. ("Cacio" is an Italian word for "cheese.") A Ricotta Torch, of course, is a cheese-themed flashlight and mood light.

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