I predicted "Disinformation as a service" targeted at businesses and now it’s here


Two years ago, I wrote a piece published in Computerworld called "Disinformation as a service? DaaS not good!," in which I predicted the the rise of Disinformation as a service that would target businesses.

My prediction has now come true, unfortunately.

ZDNet Senior Reporter Danny Palmer wrote a piece published yesterday called "The dark web's latest offering: Disinformation as a service."

He reported that new disinformation services are being advertised now to businesses. He writes that it's "the first time underground forums have been found to be offering commercial disinformation services."

The article continues:

"For as little as a few hundred dollars, members of the criminal forums will craft full-scale disinformation campaigns which organisations can use to falsely generated positive propaganda about themselves – or to generate negative disinformation campaigns designed to tarnish rivals with lies and malicious material."

And more recently Ars Technica’s Sean Gallagher did some great reporting into the phenomenon, highlighting research into Disinformation as a Service companies by Recorded Future. These companies will deploy bots or plant fake stories online to use false information to boost your reputation or destroy your enemy’s.

Gallagher details pricing for these services, and they’re stunningly cheap. Read it here.