iCloud spam is the new Windows laptop sticker

For years, Apple fans taunted Windows users over the fact that most Windows laptops came with garish, shameless, ugly, sloppily applied stickers saying "Intel inside" or "Windows 7" or "Lenovo Enhanced Experience." Or whatever. 

Worse, they were often applied with a semi-permanent glue that made them hard to remove. 

Apple users correctly pointed out that Apple would never do something so tasteless, ugly and shameless on Apple laptops. Apple hardware is elegant artwork. In fact, the "out of the box" experience for Apple products, including Apple laptops, is pure, elegant, convenient and somewhat thrilling. 

That's why it's so confusing that Apple does what is essentially the equivalent of ugly stickers: They spam and harass users without mercy over iCloud passwords and upgrades. 

I'm guessing that most Apple users get harassed constantly via email and pop-up messages to upgrade and pay for iCloud storage, or enter or change their iCloud password. 

It's possible to make the harassment stop, but almost nobody knows how to do it. 

This is called "dark patterns" interface design, where companies design products to trap you into giving them what they want at your expense. 

The OS installation process on any kind of Mac involves additional harassment about iCloud usage and changing passwords and more. 

Like Windows laptop stickers, it's a form of spam marketing that's supposed to fly under the radar of unacceptability. It's just a little thing, so why would you care enough to complain?

But I complain for the same reason I complained about Windows laptop stickers. It's cheesy. It's ugly. It's greedy. And it's annoying.

That's what I think. What do you think?