Introducing Chatterbox, the smart speaker kids build and program

My son, Kevin, is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who specializes in innovative technology education for kids. He’s been in stealth mode on his latest brainchild for a year and a half.

It’s called Chatterbox.

It’s a brilliant idea: It’s a smart speaker for kids that they build and program themselves. The concept is the only educational product I’m aware of that not only teaches vital STEM and programming concepts and skills, but also demystifies A.I.

After they build and program it, kids get to use their Chatterbox every day for all the things people use smart speakers for — weather, jokes, timers, alarms or whatever kids want. And they can continue to add features and functions and capabilities, which include home automation stuff.

It’s a computer without a screen, which is healthier for children.

Today, I did TWiT with my friend, Leo Laporte. Leo asked Kevin on the air what he’s been up to, and Kevin told him about Chatterbox. Leo’s fans have been asking me for more information, including for the Chatterbox web page, so that’s why I’m posting this.

If you’re interested in this project, I recommend that you get on Kevin’s mailing list. He’ll keep you posted on future Chatterbox developments.