I've been blogging since at least 2003


Somebody on Twitter linked to a very good blog post by Anne R. Allen, who wrote about what she learned while blogging for 10 years. Which made me wonder: How long have I been blogging? (And what have I learned?)

The Wayback Machine answered the first question. It looks like I’ve been blogging for around 15 years.

The first entry I could find for The Raw Feed, which was my blog back in the day, is for 2003. Here’s an archive of my blog on The Wayback Machine from 2003 - 2005. Here’s a sample page from the blog in 2003.

Over the years, my blog would embrace new platforms, then move again when those platforms were killed off. Remember Posterous? How about Google+?

What I’ve learned is: Don’t embrace the blogging platforms that companies create; own your own domain. Duh.