Luggage Robot to be Tested at JFK, SFO


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines created an autonomous, AI-powered robot that's coming to airports soon. Called Care-E, the rolling robot meets passengers at security checkpoints and carries your luggage (up to 85 pounds) for you (at a maximum speed of 3 mph). 

The robot uses self-driving car-like LiDAR and onboard 2D mapping to avoid crashing into things. It can detect humans, and uses eight Ultrasonic Rangefinders to navigate. 

An attitude and heading reference system keeps track of the robot's pitch, roll, heading, collision detection and acceleration. 

A camera scans boarding passes. It tells you to scan your boarding pass at the right moment, and keeps you updated with gate changes. 

The robot is even programmed to wait for you outside the bathroom. 

Care-E communicates non-verbally, which I assume is a way to get around potential language barriers. A 4k LED screen uses pictures and other non-verbal cues to communicate with passengers. 

Surprisingly, Care-E will first be trialed at JFK and SFO for two days this summer, according to the airline. But you never know. The robot was supposed to be showcased at a Brooklyn event last week, but the event was cancelled, for some reason.