My office today: our little house in Fez


We checked into this new house in Fez last night. I got up in the morning, made coffee and got to work.

The WiFi is good enough, and (unlike almost every house we’ve had in Morocco) it’s got tables high enough to work at without slouching over. (Usually all the tables are lower than knee level.)

It’s a great location: When I step outside the door, I’m in a narrow alley that’s ten steps or so from a fairly major path in the Medina. 

This house is very typical for Fez houses. It’s got no exterior or windows (the walls on all sides connect to the neighbors’ houses. You can see the sky only by going up to the roof. 

I’ve been using the new Pixel 3 phone, which is the greatest phone for nomads and travelers ever. This shot on top, which shows the whole room, was made possible by the Pixel 3’s selfie camera, which has a dedicated wide angle lens. The picture on the bottom, which is a closer look at the ceiling, was taken with the phone’s Night Sight feature, which takes amazing pictures in very low light. And, of course, Google Fi gives me a fast internet connection just about anywhere.