New Robot Teaches Kids to Be Nice to Robots

Robot abuse is a growing problem, apparently. 

Robot researchers with Naver Labs, KAIST and Seoul National University invented Shelly, a robot turtle that can detect whether children are bullying it, or treating it nicely. 

If the kids are mean, Shelly expresses angry or scared emotions and retreats into the shell for 14 seconds. 

But if they're nice, the robot will display happiness by responding to touch with lights, and by waving its arms. 

I think this is exactly the wrong less to be teaching children. 

Teaching kids that bullying a robot is bad because it makes the robot feel bad is a lie. It's robot. It doesn't feel anything. 

Instead, we should teach kids that bullying a robot is bad because it's expensive, it belongs to somebody else, and it's mean to the robot's owner to damage their property.