Paleolithic Peoples Didn't Eat "Puffs"


So much dumb here. First of all, the company is called "Lesser Evil." They're using a good vs. evil reference to sell snacks. Secondly, it fails because they're implying that their products are categorically evil, just less so than other brands. 

Second, it's time to retire the word "Paleo." The agriculture revolution was the greatest thing ever to happen to mankind. Anyone can choose to move into the forest and live off the land, but nobody does that because it sucks. Also: "Paleo" is used to denote no-grain products, but as we've learned in recent decades, Paleolithic peoples were eating lots of grains. 

Third, "no cheese" is not a selling point. Cheese is awesome. 

"Paleo Puffs." Gimme a break.