Peeps beer idea resurrected for Easter


The Collective Brewing Project in Forth Worth, Texas, is resurrecting the idea of Peeps-flavored beer, for some reason.

Called "Peep This Collab," this shark-jumping sour ale is made with real Peeps and edible glitter. 

The idea copies the Peeps beer invented by Colorado's Barrels & Bottles Brewery three years ago. They made an English-style bitter with Peeps added

A New York-based brewery called Hemauer Brewing Co. came out with a beer last Easter called "Peep Show," a Golden Ale.

This is the next illogical progression from the trend of beer and Peeps parings that occur in tap rooms across the nation, including the Phoenix Ale Brewery Central Kitchen last year.

Of course, the lazy press is reporting the Collective Brewing Project beer as if it's a new thing.