Phrase of the moment: "that ageless millennial mindset"


This bonkers job ad for a Radisson hotel in Scotland says that hotel management “connect with that ageless millennial mindset.” They don’t have “staff,” the ad says. They have “creatives.”

Gimme a break.

The job description goes completely off the rails. In addition to doing all the work (cooking, cleaning, serving drinks, booking reservations), “creatives” are also required to be “always laughing with guests.”

They also say they “demand” “a little bit of mischief now and again.”

The madness continues: “The phone rings reservation, you’ve got it and now you are flipping an omelette, catch it! This place is alive and you love it. Smile.”

And for the pièce de résistance, applicants are encouraged to apply by sending a selfie or Instagram link.