This is why we do it

The Gastronomad imperative: Re-arrange your life completely if you can, change careers if you must, but live abroad as much and as often as you can -- even if it's just an extra week each year. And do it for the food. 

(If that sounds impossible, I'll tell you exactly how to do it in my book.) 

Because food is not about food. It's about friendship and culture and history and humanity. And food. 

Amira put together a simple and super delicious meallast night with ingredients on hand (she made a frittata, plus some squash and potatoes), followed by salad and cheese (because this is France).

Our generous and wonderful friends supplied the wine, including a truly wonderful 1985 Bordeaux. The label had seen better days, but the wine was at its prime. 

This is why we do it