Today is the last day to back the Chatterbox Kickstarter campaign!

Chatterbox is a revolution in children's technology education -- the revolution the world needs.

(Full disclosure: Chatterbox is the creation of my son, Kevin.)

You should back the Kickstarter while you still can. Here's why:

* Chatterbox is the world's only build-it-yourself, program-it-yourself smart speaker for kids

* Chatterbox teaches kids to be makers, not consumers

* Chatterbox is an internet connected computer that doesn't have an addictive screen

* Chatterbox is private; it doesn't gather or store personal information

* Chatterbox doesn't listen until you press the big yellow button

* Chatterbox doesn't do anything until kids teach it to do something

* Chatterbox can do some things even Amazon Echo and Google Home cannot do

* Chatterbox teaches kids problem-solving

* Chatterbox is more social than a smartphone

* Chatterbox teaches kids clear verbal communication

* Chatterbox teaches kids programming concepts, like APIs and loops

* Chatterbox makes learning fun

* Chatterbox has no ads or exploitative monetization

* Chatterbox is not just for kids! Lots of adults have signed up to get one for themselves!

Support the technology education revolution the world needs by backing the Chatterbox Kickstarter right now! And sign up to be one of the first to get your own Chatterbox later this year!!