What wines pair with Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving is a strange meal to pair wine with. I suspect most Thanksgiving hosts and eaters don’t really even try — they just choose a wine type they like and run with it, which is fine. 

But I tend to think that Thanksgiving flavors are so unusual and varied and special that it’s fun to look for equally special wines that go better with turkey, cranberry sauce and all the rest than your standard Pinot or Chardonnay. 

Essence just published an article on Thanksgiving wine pairing that featured my favorite California winery, Donkey and Goat. But the D&G wine they picked was Linda Vista, which is a wonderful Chardonnay. 

To me the ultimate D&G Thanksgiving wine is their Stone Crusher, an orange Roussanne — that’s what we’ve poured (among other wines) for the past couple of Thanksgivings.

This year, however, we brought back from Italy some choice bottles of another orange wine, which is VETO from Sara Meneguz. The wine is great chilled or not. I think we’ll not chill it for Thanksgiving.