Who wants to experience Mexico City in style?


Our exclusive Mexico City Gastronomad Experience happens March 26 through March 31 -- five days and five nights of exploration of the best food and drinks Mexico City has to offer.

We have space left for only one more couple! Email me if you’d like more information: mike@elgan.com

Here's how it all works:

* We'll pick you up at the airport on March 26 and drop you off on March 31.

* Our small group stays at a beautiful, luxury, central location (you'll have your own room and bathroom)

* Wine-tasting and learning about Mexico's growing, 500-year-old wine industry

* Exploration of the beverages of agave: Mezcal, tequila and pulque

* Exclusive cooking and Mexican-food making instruction with some of Mexico's top chefs and food visionaries

* Floating picnic on ancient Aztec canals

* Special chocolate experiences

* Quality time at the city's famous markets, including the world's 2nd largest fish market

* Exclusive dining experiences at Mexico City's very best restaurants

* Professional-quality, Instagrammable photos of everything you do means you can enjoy yourself and not worry about taking pictures.

* And an many delightful and secret surprises!

Mexico is where some of the world's greatest foods originate -- chocolate, vanilla, corn, avocados, tomatoes, chili peppers and so many others. And while these popular foods have gone global, the most creative and delicious uses of them still happen in their nation of origin. Mexico is gastronomad heaven, and in Mexico City all that delicious food culture is concentrated and perfected.

During the Mexico City Experience, you'll learn everything about all these foods -- learn to cook with and make them -- as well as taste and explore Mexican wine, mezcal and tequila, chocolate, chilis and so much more. You'll learn to bake and cook truly authentic, profoundly delicious Mexican foods. And you'll experience the best restaurants in the city -- and the best street food.

Everything we experience will be the best in the city -- every bite you take, everything you drink will be the best of its kind the city, the country and the world has to offer; everything you do will be exclusive to our group.

Send me an email here if you're even thinking about joining us: mike@elgan.com