Why AI Can't Save Us from Fake-Video Disinformation


AI-generated fake videos are disturbing. They’ll bring the world of fake news into video, making false stories, propaganda and disinformation even more powerful and believable.

Most disinformation has political goals.

The good news is that the same AI technologies that can create these fake videos can also be used to spot them.

The bad news is that it doesn't matter. 

Let’s say the Russian government creates a fake video and claims it’s real. The U.S. government says it applied AI and determined the video to be fake. As with all fake news and propaganda, educated viewers will still have to decide whom they trust. Uneducated viewers may often simply be affected by fake videos without any knowledge or concern about its origins.

Worse, real videos will be called fake by the guilty parties and propagandists.

Ultimately, the public will conclude that nothing is credible, and then the goal of the dezinformatsiya will have been achieved, despite the technology.

AI can, however, help fight product counterfeiting. In fact, it's already happening