Why Are YouTube Recommendations So Bad?

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YouTube recommendations suck!

Companies like Google harvest ALL our data, and the supposed reason is that they'll know our preferences to better customize content and advertising. 

So why is YouTube so perfectly clueless about what kind of recommendations I want. Any moron watching my online behavior for 30 seconds could tell you that I want really, really new information and content. Yet YouTube recommends stupid TV shows that are a DECADE old! 

Worse, they recommend Russian disinformation designed to ruin Western democracies. 

Speaking of which, I do occasionally watch CNN clips on YouTube. So YouTube added a CNN recommendation. Right now, they'll showing me a real CNN clip, and also a clip calling CNN "Fake News CNN" -- part of the Fake President's bullshit disinformation against legitimate journalism.  

Thank you for your contributions in the decline of American democracy, YouTube. Enjoy all the money. 

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