Why Deadpool is the answer to superhero fatigue


I'm suffering from superhero fatigue. Are you? 

The first and most obvious reason is that there are just too many superhero movies. 

The second reason is that too many of them bring together many superheroes into a single movie. They're churning out this brand of movie so fast they don't even have time to give characters like Aqua Man their own movie before dragooning him into Justice League movies. They don't even have time to CGI-out Superman's mustache competently. 

Third, this bringing together of superheroes makes no sense. It pits heros with weak powers against strong ones — Batman vs. Superman. Gimme a break. 

Fourth, they're too self-serious. Some have subtle joking around. Some, like Thor: Ragnarok, are outright comedies. But most demand that we take too seriously a bunch of men in tights. 

Fifth, they've fallen into the trap that the stakes must grow higher and higher with every new movie. In the old days, Superman was just trying to save Lois Lane. Eventually, the entire world and fate of humanity was in danger. Now, even that's not enough. Now half the universe has be in peril. It's trotted out so mechanically that they've actually gotten us to not really care about the fate of half the universe. 

That's why Deadpool is so refreshing. It's constantly referring to, and making a mockery of, the tropes and themes of all comic book movies. 

It's also comically creative. Case in point: The upcoming Deadpool has a "superhero" named Peter who joins the "X-force" (which Deadpool calls "a super duper fucking group") not because he has super powers, but because he "just saw the ad." (Peter has his own Twitter account, by the way.) In a cinematic world overpopulated by ridiculous super heroes with super powers, Peter is the hero we need. 

Another superhero named "Domino" has the superpower of luck. She's just really, really lucky. Wonderful!

Ryan Reynolds is perfect for the role, too. Most of the comic acting in the movie has to be done through body language, because you can't see his face. Reynolds is really good at it.

I'm really looking forward to Deadpool 2, and I'm not looking forward to any other superhero movie.