Why the Jim Acosta story isn't all that important


Journalists and media outlets are all atwitter on Twitter today about the latest development in the feud between narcissist president Donald Trump and narcissist TV journalist Jim Acosta.

If the wall-to-wall coverage is any indication, this story ranks higher than just about every other story out there.

But there’s one and only one reason why it’s being treated as a big story: Because it’s about a journalist.

In truth, all White House press briefings are televised live; anyone, including any journalist, can catch every word spoken from anywhere in the world using any internet-connected device.

Secondly, the whole point of the White House press briefing is to spin, lie and deflect — to prevent the facts from getting out there.

Third, the US political press are pussies and never hold the White House accountable in any significant way. The president’s game plan is to lie and move on. He gets away with it because the political press goes along with that program and stops asking about the latest lie after one flaccid attempt.

They’re so compliant and subservient as to be enablers and co-conspirators in the fabrication of reality by this White House and the destruction of our democracy. You can tell they’re just giddy to have the prestige of being in the White House Press Corps that they don’t want to blow it by actually doing their jobs as journalists. They’re like the tech press at an Apple event.

That sounds like armchair criticism, but I assign me the job and I can assure you that I’ll cause a crisis for Trump’s presidency by simply shining a stark light on his criminality. (Note that I have been blocked by Trump himself for attempting to hold him to account. I’m also banned from Apple events, simply for doing my job as a technology columnist and writing honest opinion about Apple, rather than fawning and genuflecting in my articles.)

The subservience of the White House Press Corps stands in stark relief to the rare times when Trump’s lies are confronted in an interview like this one.

Jim Acosta being expelled, then restored, to the White House Press Corps is a minor story to American citizens and to the world, but a big story for journalists. Ergo, wall-to-wall coverage.

It’s not nearly as important as it appears.