Word of the moment: "agrihood"


A Silicon Valley housing project coming next year will include a farm.

The concept is called an “agrihood” — an agricultural neighborhood.

The project isn’t certain. The Santa Clara City Council will vote on it this year, and construction could begin as early as next year.

The development is part of a trend. There are at least 100 such “agrihood” communities in the works or already completed.

The farm would be managed by an “urban farming company” called Farmscape. Residents would share the food.

This movement is part of a larger trend of putting farms where you normally wouldn’t see one. For example, I interviewed an entrepreneur last year who wants to put farms on the roofs of grocery stores.

Right now, America dedicates more acreage to lawns than food. But what if many more yards grew food, parks grew food, stores grew food and apartment complexes grew food. Everybody would have access to better and fresher food.