Yes, Michael Cohen is a "Rat"

Fake President Trump yesterday tweeted a missive containing four lies.

The lies:

  1. Executing a legal warrant in a criminal case is not “unthinkable and unheard of” for the FBI. They do it every day as part of their normal work.

  2. The criminal case is not a “Witch Hunt.” A “Which Hunt” is when you whip up a mob with ignorant hysteria accusing someone falsely — like Trump’s Birther Conspiracy Theory — that’s a “Which Hunt.”

  3. The Mueller investigation was not started illegally. Everything about it was perfectly legal.

  4. The FBI didn’t “break into” Cohen’s office. They executed a legal warrant. They knocked on the door, politely gathered their evidence and were thanked by Cohen for being as professional and as non-disruptive as possible.

One part of Trump’s tweet was true, however: Michael Cohen is, in fact, a “rat.”

A “rat,” in mafia parlance, is a criminal underling who commits crimes on behalf of an organized crime leader but who, after getting caught, comes clean and tells the truth about those crimes to police.

Michael Cohen is a “rat.” That’s exactly what he is.