Mike's List of Chrome Extensions


Chrome extensions collectively make up the building blocks of what I call the Super Internet. This list will be improved and updated constantly. Please come back early and often for the updates. Go here to subscribe, sign up, follow and generally stalk me online. Please Email me with your suggestions and ideas!

  1. Refresh for Twitter - Make Twitter auto-refresh without a third-party client
  2. F.B. Purity - A tool for controlling all aspects of Facebook
  3. SimpleExtManager - An easy way to manage Chrome extensions
  4. uBlock Origin - Ad blocker
  5. Send Your Email to SMS - A way to send and receive SMS via Gmail
  6. Disconnect - A tracker killer that speeds up page loading
  7. Hunter - Finds the email addresses using the current domain from everywhere on the web
  8. Email Extractor - Finds the email addresses buried in the current web site
  9. Mixmax - Email tracking, templates and mail merge for Gmail
  10. Google Voice - One-click calling, SMS, etc.
  11. Beanote - Web page annotation
  12. Twean - Hides clutter on Twitter like pictures, videos and promoted and liked Tweets
  13. PassProtect - Tells you when your password has been compromised
  14. HTTPS Everywhere - Secure browsing, an extension offered by the EFF
  15. Google Dictionary - Definitions and audio pronunciation by double clicking on any word on the web
  16. Privacy Badger - Protection from trackers, an extension offered by the EFF
  17. Linkclump - Open, copy or bookmark many links at once
  18. OneTab - Saves all open tabs on a single page full of links
  19. HashPlug - Adds Twitter search results whenever you use Google Search
  20. Toby Mini - Tab organizer
  21. CrowdTangle Link Checker - Shows who shared the article you're reading, and where
  22. Honey - Finds and applies coupon codes when you shop online
  23. Click&Clean App - Browser security and anti-malware
  24. 1-click-timer - Timer
  25. Mercury Reader - A simple eBook reader view -- no ads or clutter -- for online articles
  26. Dayboard - Website blocker and 5-item To Do list for getting things done
  27. Copy All Urls - Copies the URLs of all open tabs
  28. GMass - Mail merge for Gmail
  29. Canned Replies - Write blocks of text that you can later load into the clipboard
  30. Checker Plus for Google Calendar - Steroids for Google Calendar
  31. The Camelizer - Historical price data and better prices for items on Amazon.com