Zero trust in plain English

Everybody's talking about the zero trust security model. And there's a very good reason for that: It's one of the most effective cybersecurity approaches ever invented. Zero trust takes a “default deny” security posture. It uses microsegmentation and least privileged access principles to stop intruders. But what does all this mean? Here's why zero trust works when everything else fails in terms everybody can understand. 

What CISOs want to see from NIST’s impending zero trust guidelines

Cybersecurity at U.S. federal agencies has been running behind the times for years. It took an executive order by President Joe Biden to kickstart a fix across the agencies. The government initiative also serves as a wake-up call to enterprises lagging in getting zero trust up and running. 

There’s much to be learned, and much to be gained, by CISOs from NIST’s zero trust guidelines. Above all, understand that the zero trust era is truly here.