Are Apple’s upcoming AR glasses already obsolete?

Augmented reality companies are working on the holy grail of AR: socially acceptable glasses that show high-resolution digital objects tethered to and interactive with actual objects and spaces in the real world. 

The augmented reality people want to... augment reality!

But the generative AI revolution, led by OpenAI's ChatGPT, has changed demand. Instead of wanting to augment reality, the bigger demand that has emerged is the desire to augment the self through AI.

We still want AR. But even more than that, we want wearable AI appliances, so that are own brains can be augmented by the AI collective brain. 

Read all about it in my latest Computerworld column.

Nearly all surveyed voice actors fear being replaced by AI

A survey by the UK's union for performing arts workers, Equity, found that 93% of audio artists thought AI posed a threat to their jobs. 65% of all members thought the same. 

AI-based audio tools aren't in the union, don't get tired and work super fast., for example, can create an audiobook in 10 minutes in 43 languages. Great piece in the Financial Times