6 things they don't tell you about digital nomad living

The digital nomad literature — blogs, websites, social accounts — often paints a picture of the digital nomad lifestyle that's totally misleading. It's not all laptops and sunsets.

When the average professional imagines the digital nomad lifestyle, no doubt inane stock photography comes to mind — some 22-year-old in a hammock, or sitting on the sand or perched on a mountaintop awkwardly balancing a laptop.

The pictures are pretty. But to any real digital nomad with a serious career, the photos fall flat. (Expert tip: the beach is a bad place to work.)

What's wrong with these pictures is that leisure time and work time are combined into a single image, whereas in real life, these have to be separate, or you ruin both.

The words are worse than the pictures — digital nomad posts, articles, and even books tend to be shallow and misleading.

If you're seriously considering changing to digital nomad living, you need an accurate picture of what you're getting into. 

So here are the six basic lifestyle facts that blogs don't tell you.

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