Google's "face recognition" recognizes more than your face!

You can search your pictures on Google Photos that Google recognizes as you by clicking here. When I do that, I get all the photos that clearly show my face in the picture, but also photos like this one. I took this photo of my nieces, and my arm and hand are visible as a reflection in their sunglasses. Google recognized my hand.

There’s another photo I took of a book sitting on a chair. Part of my foot is visible in the photo, and Google recognized my foot.

It’s not just face recognition anymore, is it?

2 responses
That is freaky! You do have very recognizable hands. It is just hard to believe a machine could do that!
I believe they do it by recognizing your face in a photo, then also gathering other data (what you're wearing, etc.) and then use that other data for recognition. Not certain, though.