I had to run from teargas last night in Paris

I even inhaled a tiny bit (my throat was raw for a couple hours). 

Our group of five decided to check out the Champs Élysées at around one in the morning. 

Huge numbers of young people in their teens and twenties were just waiting for something to start, and riot police were everywhere. The tension was clear. So we decided to go one block away and try to make it back to the Metro in the other direction on a street mostly parallel with a Champs Élysées. 

Suddenly, as we were crossing an intersection, a huge crowd of people was running away in our direction, followed by a huge rolling cloud of tear gas. It looked nasty to breathe, and we didn’t know what people are running from, exactly. So we ran a bit too, made it to the Metro station, but it had been closed.

Before running, I stopped to take a video, but my wife urged me to run instead. Later, I found a half second video shot accidentally showing nothing, really. This image above is from that video.