Just had a MagSafe Moment

I'm staying at a pricey Airbnb in a fashionable district of Mexico City, working at the dining room table. Directly in front of me is a glass vase with a green ribbon around the top. The window is open and the blind mostly closed. 

A sudden gust of wind pushed the blind, knocked over the vase, which started rolling toward the left edge of the cabinet. I shot out of my chair and lunged for the vase, in the process kicking my MacBook Pro cable with so much force it not only came out on the MacBook end, but the power brick end as well, ending up in a pile against the far wall. 

My MacBook is actually perched somewhat precariously on a cardboard box, and could have been easily knocked off without MagSafe. 

Well, I caught the vase as it was halfway to the floor. And my MacBook Pro didn't even move. Thank you, Apple, for listening to the people and bringing back the MagSafe feature!