My wife is a culinary Captain Kirk

Five minutes before dinner (Amira made home made mushroom pasta; I made bread), we realized that we were out of butter. 

Without even hesitating, she grabbed a bottle of whipping cream from the back of the fridge and poured it into a jar. She then tossed in a kefir grain which she always cultivates and keeps in the fridge, closed the lid and handed me the jar. "Please shake this until it's butter," she requested. So I did. 

Once the buttermilk fully separated from the butter, we removed the grain, poured the buttermilk into a jar and put the button in ice water. Amira squeezed out the last bits of buttermilk, and there it was: delicious butter!

Like Captain Kirk confronted with the Kobayashi Maru, she hacked the cream instead of accepting defeat. 

Amira just doesn't believe in the no-butter scenario.