Mexico City has the best french toast anywhere

It's so good, it's almost a dessert. Amazing bread, the cooks hand-whip the milk and egg batter custom with each order, tons of cinnamon, organic berries on top and whipped cream. This french toast is not to be trifled with. 

Scarfing down amazing pizza at Aborigen!

Dr. Pizza used to be the best pizza in Mexico City. But it's time for Dr. Pizza to go back to pizza medical school because now Aborigen is the best!! Their crust is unusual, in that it's not only naturally leavened, but it has a rustic quality to it that's just incredible. 

Xochimilco at sunrise

I got a chance to show up at Xochimilco in the dark, ride a boat to a farm and watch the sun rise over an active volcano. (Xochimilco is a series of canals built by the Aztecs in what used to be a lake but which is now Mexico City.) What an experience!