Thanksgiving apple pie!

Fermented whole spelt, white spelt and emmer flour crust. “Nutty bottom” is pecans with kefir drizzle. Apple coated with cinnamon, brown sugar, home-made chai spice mix and corn starch and topped with butter. Egg wash for the top of the crust. 


Wow! Amazing! 🧡
Beautiful ❤️❤️🥰❤️
I love warm apple pies with vanilla ice cream.
Looks so delicious! Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃
Look at that, oh boy. That picture with the apples mixed with fresh nuts... It instinctivly make me think about my "tarte tatin" receipt. Cheers from Fr.
Yummy!!! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Looooove apple pies! Delic! Happy Thanksgiving ;)

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