The Chinese government, which banned TikTok, says Europe's ban on TikTok is bad for business. Why?

The Big Question about TikTok, the crack-like addictive social network owned by China's ByteDance, is: "Does the Chinese government intend to use the global reach and power of TikTok to spy or influence? Yes or no?

The "Yes" camp gets another point today after the Chinese government warned that Europe's ban on the use of TikTok by the European Parliament, the European Commission and the EU Council on official devices "harm business confidence" in Europe. 

The US government and more than half of US states have banned the TikTok app on government-owned devices as well, and the Chinese government "lashed out" about that as well.

Lots of countries are banning TikTok in one way or another. But the Chinese government seems especially vexed by the bans on US and European government devices. 

If the Chinese government did not want to use TikTok for bad intentions, why does it care so much about it being installed on European and American government devices?

And if TikTok is so great for business confidence, why did the Chinese government ban it in China?